FluxFins is the dream of a young passionate surfer. While surfing in Byron Bay and frustrated with needing different fins for the different conditions, he thought there must be a better way to be able to adjust to the different surf conditions without changing his fins. His idea – a more adjustable and better fin.

In 2013 he teamed up with other Australian surfers who shared his passion of a new type of fin which could easily be adjusted to change the level of flexibility…who shared his excitement of not having to carry different sets of fins and changing fins once you saw the conditions…and who shared his vision of a set of fins that you could adjust to experiment with whilst in the water just using your fin key.

But the idea was the easy part. We have been on a journey to produce the fins to the highest standard of durability and technical performance. We’ve been through all sorts of prototypes and models, and are now stoked to begin to share details on our new surf fins with the rest of the world…



1769 — First reference to surfing by Sir Joseph
               Banks during first voyage of Captain Cook.

1926 — Invention of the first hollow surfboard.

1935 — Introduction of the first stabilising fin.

1943 — Creation of the twin fin system.

1980 — The first thruster fin system.

2011 — The idea for FluxFins is founded.

2017 — FluxFins are ready for distribution!



FluxFins is not your average fin - as such the team here have dedicated themselves to bringing together scientific and surf expertise to deliver a truly innovative product.

FluxFins is a patented innovation that has been brought to life by advanced engineering. This has allowed for the flex mechanism to remain strong and to withstand the battle between fin and surf! Part of this process was using "ultrasonic welding" to prevent water damage and to maintain the material integrity of the fin.



"I started with the flexible position which I really liked. The board felt very fast and easy to move. I did notice a difference between both positions straight away" — Eduardo 'De Souza' Bittencourt

"Mate, I had the best surf I've had in a long time. I really rate these fins and the flexibility of switching the stiffness when the surf changes is great " — Andy 'The Lout' Scott

"These fins are ripping!" — Gary 'The Rock' Irwig

"I surfed better than I have in years, and that says something..." — Nathan 'Leonardo' Tindall





What are FluxFins?

FluxFins are the new innovation in surfing! With FluxFins surfers can adjust the level of flex all in the one set of fins to suit all surf conditions.


Why does Flex matter for surf fins?

The prepared surfer may have several sets of fins with varied flex for different conditions. For big waves you generally want stiff fins whilst for smaller waves more flex enables you to turn and be more free flowing in your surf. Rather than having many sets of fins, with FluxFins you can adjust the flex of one set for all conditions! More info here: https://fluxfins.com/blog/


What fin set-ups are FluxFins compatible with?

FluxFins are compatible for all fin set-ups!


What level surfer do I have to be to use FluxFins?

FluxFins is for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter about your skill level, all that matters is your love of surfing and willingness to try something new.


How do I get my hands on a set of FluxFins?

FluxFins are now available to purchase on our website. During the launch period we will be offering Flexfins at the price of $99 with FREE shipping Australia-wide.

We also ship worldwide, so that everyone can enjoy this new technology.